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Whether you’re in the early stages of considering an MBA or you’ve had your degree for a few years now, you’re likely to always be on the lookout for ways to maximize your investment. After all, an MBA is no small achievement, and requires thousands of hours of commitment, beginning with the application process all the way through graduation day.

Given how much time and money goes into a graduate degree in business, spending an hour here and there to learn new strategies for maximizing its worth is time well spent. A number of organizations, including many of the top business schools in the world, offer regular webinars designed to help business students and graduates build the skills they need to be successful and stay on top of trends and developments within specific industries and in the business world as a whole.

Amplify Your MBA with these Webinars/Online Learning Centers 

To help you find some of these informative webinars for MBA learning, we’ve compiled some of the best. Wherever you happen to be in your MBA journey, you’ll find a webinar that sparks your interest.

Forté Foundation

Devoted to increasing the number of women in business leadership, the Forté Foundation brings together female leaders, businesses and business schools to give women the tools they need to get ahead. Serving women from college through business school and beyond, the Forté Foundation offers networking tools, conferences, training opportunities and more, including a comprehensive series of webinars. These webinar offerings cover everything from how to plan your career while still in college to using your MBA degree to its full advantage in a fulfilling career.

Among the offerings for MBAs (prospective, current students and grads) include an on-demand series of webinars on GMAT preparation and application tips as part of the MBA Launch Program, as well as live and on-demand webinars related to career planning, working in specific industries, navigating workplace issues and school-specific presentations to help prospective applicants select a school.

Access to some of the Forté Foundation webinars is free for members (students and professionals can join for free). Upgrading to a Premium Access Pass ($50 for one year) provides access to all of the organization’s resources, as well as live events, career coaching, and job postings.

Harvard Business School

Students interested in applying to Harvard Business School can learn more about the program, admissions process and life as a Harvard MBA student via a series of on-demand webinars. Among the webinar topics are topical sessions designed to address concerns and questions of specific students, including women, military and LGBT communities, as well as those coming from different industries, including engineering, tech, retail, and healthcare.

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In addition to program-specific webinars, HBS also includes a series of sessions on student perspectives, covering such topics as “How I Knew I Was Ready for Business School” and “Getting to Know Your Classmates.” While most webinars are intended for a general audience and address common questions and concerns, HBS also has webinars designed for students coming from specific schools or regions.

Many of Harvard’s webinars can be accessed on demand, but you can participate in live webinars as well by checking out the Events page on the school’s website. The majority of these sessions are designed for those students considering MBA programs, but may also be of use to those who have been admitted to business school, at Harvard and elsewhere.

Created and operated by the Graduate Management Admissions Council, is the official site of the GMAT exam. It provides a wealth of information for prospective MBA students related to that exam, as well as specific programs, applying to business school and getting the most from your MBA experience. Among the resources on the site include several on-demand webinars, including sessions on preparing for the GMAT. Two recent webinars include “Understanding and Preparing for the GMAT Exam” and “Preparing for Test Day.”

You can receive advance notice of webinars on by signing up for its newsletter. To attend one of the live sessions, you typically need to register in advance; you can access previously recorded sessions by signing up on the site.

Association of MBAs

The UK-based Association of MBAs (AMBA) is a membership association dedicated to connecting MBA students and graduates to each other, business schools and employers around the world. In addition to providing networking and training opportunities, AMBA also accredits business school programs in 240 countries.

As part of the mission to help develop business leaders, AMBA offers a wide-ranging series of webinars to members. Topics include looking at the role of business schools in society to examining specific issues facing the business world today. Many of AMBA’s offerings are geared to those in business school as well as graduates.

To access AMBA’s webinars, you must be a member of the organization. Membership is free to students and graduates of AMBA-accredited business programs.

Use Online Learning Webinars to Enhance your MBA Experience 

These are just a few of the sources where you can find an MBA learning center and webinars to expand your mind and give you useful tools for success. Don’t forget to check individual business schools for their offerings, as well as industry organizations, to find additional webinar options. From getting the best possible score on the GMAT to writing an essay to solving tricky problems in your everyday work life, there’s a webinar to fit your needs.


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