Average GRE Scores At The Top Business Schools

The Increase Of GRE Candidates In Business Schools Across The Country

GRE has become one of those qualifications that people have been leaning towards in order to get a boost in their professional careers. GRE stands for graduate record exam and is something that a lot of students who are looking to get into grad schools take. This is because the GRE exam is a good testament to the amount of knowledge that the student possesses with reference to business and management. Because of how competitive the exams are, students who score well in these examinations tend to get a higher preference in business schools across the world. These are also preferred over traditional pre-college examinations since they tend to be more specific to the subject that the student is going to be studying about.

Previously, people had the notion that a GRE examination did nothing to boost the overall impact that one’s application has. However, with colleges making their admission statistics public, it is evident that they are leaning towards candidates who showcase good scores in these competitive examinations. Because of this, GRE examinations are now being seen as something that is essential for anyone looking to get into a good business school.

GRE Examinations And College Admissions

madelyn capehart Over the years, colleges and grad schools have been showcasing fluctuating results when it comes to the applicants that are selected with this qualification. However, the difference in these fluctuations is an incredibly small margin, which means that the competition is even more intense. Most colleges tend to have a point system that enables them to figure out which candidates they can admit. Let’s say a candidate as a number of achievements and wants to get into a business school. He has a point score of 150 and no GRE result to go along with it. On the other hand, another student doesn’t have as many accomplishments but has an incredibly high GRE score, thereby showcasing his command over the subject. This shoots his score up to 151, thereby giving him the spot over the other candidate. The GRE result thereby has given this student the slight edge to be able to get into the college of his choice.

Getting every point possible to be able to attend the college that you want is essential, which is why there is so much competition between students for the limited spots available. If something as simple as a GRE examination can give you such a considerable edge over the others, there is no reason to not do it.

madelyn capehart

Some of the major business schools all over the country have increased the admittance of students who have these qualifications to their name. This number is on an upward climb, and soon, business schools are going to have an informal mandate of GRE examinations because of the sheer competition there.

Changing Faces Of Entrance Examinations And University Guidelines

One of the prevalent things that the emergence of GRE Examinations is the shift that applicants have been experiencing as a result of the options available to them. Since the GRE Examinations tend to be more in sync with the subjects that the students are planning to study about, they tend to be a lot more proficient and useful as compared to exam options like the GMAT.

A lot of universities in the past have given their stance on this kind of examinations, stating that they are not factors that play a major role in the admissions process. While most major universities in the country decline to publicly disclose their information about the students who have been taken in, there is no doubt that students who have taken GRE Examinations, and who have scored well tend to have an easier time getting into the university or business school that they want.

Top Business Schools And Their GRE Scores

madelyn capehart Having the right kind of information about a business school and their applicants can go a long way into helping someone determine whether the school is right for them or not. Even though most prestigious universities refrain from providing their student’s GRE scores to the general public, many business schools feel like it will help the process of gaining the students that they can potentially admit. It is something that can also help students figure out whether or not they should include the GRE Test scores in their application or not.

Boston University was one business school that openly advocated the GRE examination as something that would help students who wanted to get into their schools. As a result of this, the University saw one of the largest intakes of students who had given these examinations. A total of forty-two of the total students were among this list, and with every passing year, the percentage keeps increasing. Many other schools have also begun to operate in a similar manner, and have been seeing steady increases in their overall intake.

The following is a table that outlines the intake percentage of students who had taken these examinations in 2015 and 2016.

School %GRE 2015 %GRE 2016
University Of Illinois 23% 39%
Arizona State University 14% 30%
Georgia Tech University 10% 23%
Yale University 23% 22%
MIT 18% 18%
Stanford University 16% 13%
Dartmouth University 7% 13%
Cornell University 11% 10%
Columbia University 8% 7%
Michigan State 7% 6%

As you can see, most universities tend to showcase a steady increase in the number of people that they admit into their classes who have given their GRE Examinations. Because of this growing number, it is essential for those looking to get into these schools to prepare well and seek the right resources to be able to go to the business school that they want.

Seeking professional help to be able to prepare yourself better for your GRE Examinations is one of the best ways to go about getting ready for this. There are plenty of tools available to students, both online and offline that can help them ensure that they are ready to take these examinations and are in a position wherein they can score well.


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