9 of The Best Apps for College Students

smart phone with applications for college students

Managing your time while in college and staying organized can be difficult, but luckily there are lots of apps for college students that can help you stay productive.

Want to turn your phone into your education’s secret weapon?

Here are some of the best apps for college students to improve study habits, organization and budget management. 

Study Apps 

To do well in college, you will need to take notes and study. Here are some of the best educational apps for college students to make sure that their studying is effective.


Managing your schedule is an important task you need to master to succeed in college. iStudiez Pro lets you keep track of your class schedule, grades and important dates (such as when assignments are due or test dates).

The calendar view allows you to see your daily schedule at a glance and the planner view allows you to keep track of your grades and schedule for each class you take. You can also enable live notifications and alarms so that you don’t miss important events.


Quizlet allows you to study on the go using flashcards and games. You can search through their library of over 290 million pre-made study sets or create your own. The app is available on both mobile devices and computers.

WiFi Map

When you want to get some serious studying done, sometimes you need to get away from your living area and find a better environment to get stuff done. WiFi Map lets you locate places in your local area that provide free WiFi.

Their network consists of over 100 million locations worldwide and even includes some locations where you can log in securely with passwords. New WiFi locations can be added by other users, so the network is kept up to date.

Organization and Time Management Apps

With multiple classes and other extracurricular activities, being organized and on-schedule is necessary for success. Below are some of the best planner apps for students to stay organized.


Before mobile devices existed, people had to take notes with pencil and paper. With Evernote, you can take notes from your computer or mobile device.

Evernote allows you to take notes, add sketches and save web pages. You can also search handwritten content for keywords as well as document and PDF files. Collaborating with other classmates on group projects is also possible with Evernote.

Google Drive

Being able to sync and edit files across multiple devices is helpful and one of the most useful free apps for file management is Google Drive. You can also share files with others for projects that require collaboration and limit other users’ ability to view, comment or edit.


Blocking out distractions is important for time management and the Freedom app allows you to do just that. Set your schedule for when you want to be productive and Freedom can block out a set of attention-stealing websites during those times. The app also synchronizes with web browsers and mobile devices so that it works everywhere you go.

According to a study by Dashlane, the average Internet user will have a total of 207 online accounts by the year 2020. That’s a lot of passwords to remember!


Fortunately, Dashlane offers a password manager that allows you to create secure passwords with a click of a button and store all of your online passwords in one secure location. You can sync Dashlane with your computer and mobile devices so that you can access your accounts from anywhere. Dashlane can also save personal information so that you can auto-fill forms quickly.

Finance and Budgeting Apps

College students often need help with managing their finances and finding ways to save money. Here are some of the best budgeting apps for MBA students.

Chegg Books

Buying books is one big expense that college students complain about. With the Chegg Books app, you can rent college textbooks to avoid paying full price. Simply search by ISBN or title to save money on books.

Chegg also offers a few other apps for students, including a flash card app to help with studying and a math problem solver.


Staying on top of your budget and controlling your spending will be important for making it through college. Mint makes it easy to manage your finances in one place.

See all your bills in one place (and pay them on time), keep track of your spending and plan out a budget that works for you. Mint can also give you customized tips to better manage your spending and provides graphics that break down your habits so you can adjust accordingly.

Excel in College with the Use of Study Apps 

Getting through college is a rewarding experience, but can also be a challenge. However, with the right apps and a little hard work, you can achieve the level of focus that you need to be a productive and successful student.



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