Unconventional Types of MBA Degrees Specializations

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Most people think of corporate business and management when types of MBA programs are mentioned. However, colleges and universities around the world have created lots of unique MBA specializations to target needs in various industries.

Looking for some unique specialization options for your MBA education? Here are some offbeat MBA programs that most people aren’t aware of.

MBA in Thoroughbred Horseracing Industries from The University of Liverpool (U.K.)

The University of Liverpool in the U.K. offers a two-year MBA specializing in thoroughbred horse racing in partnership with The Racing Foundation and the British Horseracing Authority. The program combines sports industry management coursework from the Management School and knowledge of taking care of horses from the veterinary school.

People choosing to get this type of MBA can pursue work as trainers and breeders, racecourse managers, or in the gambling industry, horse racing administration or sports media. The Thoroughbred Horseracing Industries MBA could be a great option for business-minded individuals who love horse racing.

Football Industries MBA from The University of Liverpool (U.K.)

The University of Liverpool also offers a one- to two-year Football Industries MBA and is the only MBA specific to football (known as soccer in the United States). Students get to learn from professionals working in the football industry and also get to visit the headquarters of UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) as part of their education.

The industry-specific training includes the Becoming a Football Executive module and the Sports Operation Management module. The program focuses on developing leadership skills, strategic decision making, sports entrepreneurship and managing financial resources. It also gives students an understanding of football management and laws.

Graduates from this program will seek work as football club managers, in sports marketing, with the football governing body or with a sponsoring company.

Wine and Spirits MBA from INSEEC Business School (France)

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People that love wine and are also interested in business may want to consider pursuing a wine MBA. Research from the Wine Institute shows that wine consumption has continued to rise over the years, topping over 949 million gallons of wine consumed in 2016 in the United States alone. The growing consumption of wine worldwide has opened up opportunities for people wanting to specialize in wine management and entrepreneurship.

A few MBA programs offer a wine specialization and one well-known program is the Wine and Spirits MBA from INSEEC Business School in France. The program gives students a solid understanding of the wine industry by covering topics like package design, international marketing, and product launch strategy.

Careers after graduation include wine sales representatives and executives, product manager, import/export manager, marketing executive, wine tourism management and wine merchant.

Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California, also offers an Executive Wine MBA. 

MBA in Music Business from Berklee College of Music and Southern New Hampshire University/Henley’s Business School

Music lovers might be interested in pursuing an MBA in Music Business offered by Berklee College of Music and Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), which can be completed in just 15 months and does not require GMAT or GRE for admission. The program features four music business courses from Berklee so that students can learn about the music industry and also nine business courses from SNHU that cover MBA foundations.

Graduates from this program can seek a variety of positions including booking agents, music marketing, music event promoters, music publishers and artistic directors.

Outdoor Industries MBA from Western Colorado University

For business majors that enjoy being outdoors, an Outdoor Industries MBA from Western Colorado University may be worth exploring. This two-year program focuses on environmental and social factors that people will need to learn about when working in outdoor industries.

Aside from learning about the outdoor industry from classes, students will also get the opportunity to hear from speakers working in the outdoor industry as well as participate in networking events. Students also get to participate in a project in which they will work with a company from the outdoor industry in their second year in the program.

Program graduates can choose to pursue careers in either outdoor product or services areas. Students that choose to focus on product will learn about product material sourcing, logistics, supply chain, and finance first. Students that decide to focus on services will start by learning about hospitality management, rules and regulations, and customer experience.

Choosing Between Different Types of MBA Programs

When pursuing an MBA, students will find that they have lots of options and that new specializations may become available in the future as demand grows in certain industries. Combining personal interests with a strong business education will allow students to achieve success in business while following their personal passions.



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